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A Sensory Fall

Fall is one of my favorite sensory themes to explore!

Pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, crunchy leaves? What’s not to love?!

Take a look at some brain boosting (and fun!) activities for you to enjoy with your little ones:

For More Information on WHY Sensory Activities are Important, Click HERE


                  Exploring Textures:

texture smooth bumpy                                                      



                                 Bumpy or Smooth? 


                 Take a Sensory Walk…

                                             What do you hear?      What do you smell?

walk 2 loot walk




What do you feel? Is it bumpy? poky? sticky?




                                Squash Painting…

painting painting 2 painting 3










         Apple Cinnamon Playdough!

                               For instructions click HERE:

applesauce 2 applesauce 6 applesauce 5










Acorn Jingle Bells

Thread some acorn jingle bells with pipe cleaners and let the jamboree begin!


acorn jingle bracelet


Fall Rain Stick

For instructions click HERE



Fall Sensory Bin

This sensory bin contains the following:

mixed dried red and pinto beans, decorative gourds, plastic pumpkins and leaves, white mini pumpkin, dried Indian corn, acorns,

yellow pom poms, whole cinnamon sticks, and fabric fall leaves. We also added an ice cream scoop and two smaller buckets

for fine motor skills and sorting practice.

fall bin 2 fall bin fll bin 3








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Looking for Halloween sensory ideas?

                Look No More!…


                                              Glow In The Dark Bath Time….

bath bath 2

Add some blue and red food coloring to the bath water….and some glow in the dark spiders for a spooky clean good time!






                                                                                                           Halloween Gooey Gunk

For instructions click HERE





Halloween Sensory Bin

This sensory bin contains the following:

green, black, and purple pipe cleaners in multiple textures, glow in the dark spiders, orange foam blocks, orange and green containers with black measuring spoons, large rubber bat, large fuzzy tarantula, orange, purple, black and green pom poms in multiple sizes, green and purple velcro curlers, black foam curlers, chunky orange building blocks, and Halloween themed rubber erasers. These are all stored in a six gallon black container with orange Halloween lights surrounding the outside.

halloween bin

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Sensory Stimulation

Our sensory perception greatly contributes to our sense of wonder and enjoyment of our world. The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking, the sound of jingle bells on Christmas Eve, the sight of our best friend walking up to our door…for most of us, these sensory experiences induce great feelings of pleasure and contentment..AND we are also very likely to remember in great detail what these experiences entailed. Yet another way we can use brain science to give our little ones a boost in memory power.

Our sensory system is intimately entwined within our limbic system — the seat of our base emotions. The smell of those chocolate chip cookies?? We may associate that delicious aroma with the anticipation of our first sweet bite, the feeling of love emanating from our mother’s kitchen, the contentment of basking in the warmth of the oven contrasted by the coolness of that glass of milk; Intense, pleasant memories. Change those chocolate chip cookies to cooked Brussels sprouts and you may have just as intense a memory, albeit not as pleasant. Chances are you’ll still remember exactly what the kitchen looked like when you were forced to clean your plate…maybe even remember what you were wearing and what was on the t.v. that night. The more intense the sensory experience, the more intense the emotional response, and ultimately, the more clear the memory.

For our purposes here, our goal is to be able to use those feelings of joy and contentment as a tool to solidify our child’s journey in his world around him. We truly want her to gain a “sense” of the world around her so that she can move through her space more eloquently.