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I’m A Dirty Dinosaur-A Multiple Intelligences Book Study

Find Out What Multiple Intelligences Theory Is

And Why We Should Care Here

The book “I’m A Dirty Dinosaur” written by Janeen Brian and Ann James is a

fun, silly story of a dinosaur who loves mud! You can purchase your own copy HERE


As with any picture book, repetition is key. Each time you read through with your little one, focus on a different aspect. The first time you may just want to do a “picture walk” – in other words just look at the pictures and talk about what is happening on each page. What does your child think the story is about? What do they think will happen next?

Another read through and you can focus on vocabulary development…for example, “what does the word “snout” mean?” Or rhyming words…such as “snout and about”




We took a page that peanut especially liked and I made a “vague representation” of the dinosaur illustrated on the page. I just drew my version on construction paper, we cut it out, and she glued it on another piece of construction paper. We then took shaving cream and brown finger paint and mixed them together to create “mud.”



Here is our finished version!




“I’m A Dirty Dinosaur” has a natural tone and rhythm to it. In addition, there are verses that specifically give musical representations. For example, “Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap It Like A Drum” During one of your read throughs, reenact the chorus using musical instruments, whether you have your own or are playing the environment. For example, you could use the table as the drums!



Or—“Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake About The Place! – with maracas!



We took some bright toy dinosaurs and decided to get them dirty. I like to use kinetic sand, but a sandbox or real mud pile would be just as fun! After just exploring the dinosaurs and the sand together for some sensory input, we began to sort them by color…



And Create Patterns



We then rolled a large die and counted the pips.

We then added in the corresponding number of dinosaurs.



To increase complexity, I modeled for her the different combinations of number sentences that could create her matching number. For example, 3 green dinosaurs and 1 yellow dinosaur, 2 green dinosaurs and 2 yellow dinosaurs, 1 green dinosaur and 3 yellow dinosaurs, or all 4 yellow dinosaurs, etc.


20151025_110543 20151025_110638 20151025_110734 20151025_110745


For fine motor/tactile learners we took the toy dinosaurs and acted out the phrases from the book with our leftover shaving cream “mud.” For example, when the book says “I’m a dirty dinosaur with a dirty snout” we smeared mud all over his nose. Once we reached the end of the book and our dinosaurs were sufficiently dirty…


we gave them a good bath!



For gross motor learners, we acted out the scenes from the story using our whole bodies. For example, when you get to the part that says “Stamp, Stamp, Stamp, Stamp, Stamp About the Street!” you would stomp all around the living room!  An alternative activity would be to continue with the shaving cream mud into the bathtub and have them smear the mud on their own bodies before giving themselves a good wash. Here is our whole body version of “Shake, Shake, Shaking it!”





Intrapersonal learners need time for reflection and introspection. Make sure to provide your little one with a comfy place for independent exploration.




Interpersonal learners need to process their information with a buddy. They may need to verbalize their thinking – or – they just need someone to share in their experience!




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