According to, the word GRAVITY means “the force of attraction between two bodies having mass.” Another definition is “serious or critical nature.”

I think this is also a pretty accurate description of the word HUMOR as it relates to being a parent or teacher. Humor is a force that bonds us together…and it is seriously a critical part of a                      connected relationship.


Below are snapshot moments that make hanging out with my little people some

seriously awesome business:



“I wish I had a pet zebra. But I can’t because they poop a lot. I couldn’t take him to the mall either because he might poop on the mall carpet. ”
Me, on our way back from Sonic:
We got ice cream, yes we do
We got ice cream, how about you?

Peanut: How about you stop singing?

(age 2 1/2)


Peanut started crying and I couldn’t figure out the cause. She finally calmed down enough to tell me it was because she “really needed a ladybug in her hands.”


Me: I’m trying to find my sanity. Have you seen it?
Peanut: uh-huh
Me: You have?! Where is it?
Peanut: In the trash can.


“I have really loud hip hops. ” (hiccups)


“Today’s a wonky kind of day.”


(While shopping…for dish soap) “Dish soap? No way. Where’s the cookie aisle? ”  (age 2 1/2)


Peanut: I need a snack
Me: ok, what would you like to snack on?
Peanut: (hunkers down and whispers creepily) a baby quail.  (??????!!)


(after blowing her nose, in tears) “give me back my boogers! ”


(After persuading the purchase of a chocolate pie) “Im bringing the party”


Peanut knows how to enjoy life and shes not letting anyone say otherwise!
Three quarters of the way through a very long grocery store trip and she’s getting pretty bored and decides to create some entertainment. She proceeds to scream. .loudly. ..very high pitched. …because it’s so amusing to watch everyone else’s reactions.
There happened to be a little girl in a cart about her age about three feet away. I try to use my powers of distraction…

“Look, that little girl has a tiger kitty stuffed animal! “(Scream)
“Oh, look, she is helping her mommy put the bagels in the cart!” (Scream)
“Look, shes sitting so quietly!”
Peanut stops screaming. Looks at the girl, ponders for a moment … to the little girl: “girl, look! Try this! Fun!” (Screams)


Me: we have to keep our food on our plates. Its not ok to squeeze your yogurt on the floor. Since you put it on the floor its your job to clean it up.
Peanut: No way
(After she’s cleaned up yogurt)
Me: we have to keep our food on our plates because if food is on the floor ants will want to come in and eat it and they might bite our toes!
Peanut: I’ll wear boots.   (And thus began our Rainboots obsession)


I know your kids are seriously awesome too….Comment below with your moments so we can all revel in the stinkin cuteness: