Ground Control

After years of teaching there’s a certain instinctual response that causes me to recoil when I hear the word “curriculum.” That word, to me, is synonymous with boring, closed box, void of thinking, zone out, or jump out the window. In keeping with the teachings of Douglas Adams, I prefer to call what I’ve written here  “guides.” Mainly because, I am hoping that is what they will be for you. Use them as a reference for ideas to help give your little ones (or big ones, depending on the age of your kids!) rich experiences from which to explore their world rather than a strict schedule of “Literacy, Mondays at 11:00.” Current brain science says that humans learn best when their emotions are in a calm and peaceful state. Forcing your children to learn their ABCs according to a time table instead of when they are open and receptive will actually create the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for.

This tells us that avoiding high stress conditions are the best way to ensure your children also have an optimal learning environment….and a higher self esteem with more attached, loving relationships! We can achieve this by letting our kids lead the way. If on Monday your little one is full of energy those are the times to break out with dancing and games. If on Tuesday they seem pensive and low key, maybe that’s the time to try an art activity? Choosing to flow with their natural rhythms and curiosities allows for better absorption. And you get to keep more of your hair. Win, win!

These guides are written based on my experiences working with these cognitive and brain development theories. I personally have witnessed them to be effective -and more importantly, that foster independence and self-esteem. Click on the icons below for more information: