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In addition to having three lil nuggets of my own, I’ve been a certified teacher since 1998, I’m an Attachment Parenting International parent educator, and am owner/practitioner of a brain integration and holistic education center. But way more important than any of that — I want kids to be happy. I want them to hold tight to their innate sense of curiosity and wonder. I want them to play in puddles, pretend to be dragons and gaze at fireflies. Rolling down hills and sitting upside down on the furniture should be mandatory prerequisites to childhood!

How do we make that happen? Grown ups have to remember their own sense of curiosity and wonder. They need to play in puddles and pretend to be dragons. Maybe an occasional roll down a hill? We focus on what also makes US happy so we can share our joy with our children. We remember that aching all consuming power that devoured us those first few moments we gazed down on our precious newborns’ faces. And we remember -and follow through- with the promises we made to them when our eyes first locked.

When I was in college one of my professors read a short essay to us that has stuck with me ever since. I wish I could find a copy of it somewhere, but alas, up to this point I’ve been unable to find one. Essentially it was a description of a mom who belonged to the PTA, made 12 dozen homemade brownies decorated with individually crafted fondant rulers for the school fundraiser, her house was perfectly clean, her children sent to school every day with their hair perfectly coiffed. But after school, while she was busy with all of this, her children were at the neighbor’s house rolling in the mud and making forts with the mom next door, whose house was a bit messy and kids a bit disheveled,  eating cookies out of a box.

The point of this is–if you truly enjoy baking and crafting fondant decorations- DO IT! But don’t hold yourself to such high expectations that you lose sight of why you wanted to do all of that in the first place. Kids are good at being in the moment. Lie down in the grass next to them and let them show you the way.

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