Fall Rainstick

Sound is an experience that is often overlooked in a sensory diet.

Fix that now with a Fall themed Rainstick!


Materials needed:

paper towel tube (mailing tubes work much better, but aren’t free!), construction paper, markers, popcorn,

assorted fall nuts, glue (or hot glue gun), scissors, aluminum foil



              Decorate your construction paper – we just used markers, but you could get fancy and paint, add stickers, or tassles!

            If you are using a paper towel tube instead of a mailing tube, you will need to make end caps. You can do this by either

          tracing a slightly larger circle (We used foam sheets.) and gluing them into the ends. You will need hot glue to make it stay.

           Or…if you dont mind a potential mess, you can roll up a very tight ball of aluminum foil and insert those into the ends.

rain 2 rain 3













Once you’ve glued your decorated construction paper around your tube and placed ONE of you end caps, you’re ready to fill it up!

We used an assortment of popcorn kernels, walnuts, brazil nuts, and almonds frequently found in fall displays at the grocery store.

rain 4 rain 5


                                                                                Add another end cap and you’re ready to Rock N Roll!


Want to extend the fun? Order your copy of The Nutty Nut Chase!

nutty nut chase

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